Chamber Music


Deux-Eaux (a Cajun-twisted play on the word “duo”) is a flute-clarinet duo sparked in the Louisiana bayou in the late 90s. Mary Alice Druhan (clarinet) and Rob Aughtry (flute) have a rich and successful story of music and friendship to share through performance and teaching.

Since their time together as fellow DMA graduate teaching assistants sharing an office, through their experiences together in university ensembles, this duo has been working toward a synthesis of tone and style for decades through their simultaneous professional positions and performances with the Baton Rouge Symphony, the Acadiana Symphony, the Natchez Opera, the Ohio Light Opera, and finally The U. S. Army Band, “Pershing’s Own.”

Together they offer audiences and students a wealth of information about a career in performance, the preparation and audition process, the joys and challenges of making and keeping your friends in music, building a successful career portfolio, and creating opportunities based on personal and collaborative interests.

DeuxEaux in Atlanta for ICA Clarinetfest 2006.



CoCane Clarinets is a electro-acoustic duo group founded in 2019 by Mary Alice Druhan and Timothy Bagert to initiate a commission project with the intent of fusing popular music genres with acoustic clarinet and Western music compositional practices. Our composer, Christopher Heine, has been inspired by many popular genres including electro-funk, electronic rock, LoFi, and gospel shout, and incorporates many classical compositional devices such as counterpoint, call-and-answer, and more with a rich harmonic language and collection of rhythmic surprises. Chris’ compositions and production skills are creating a unique and captivating sound for clarinetists of all ages. Their first album was released in 2020 and can be found on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.


Triforia Winds members embracing following a concert.

Our woodwind trio adopted the name “Triforia Winds” shortly after premiering a work by the same title that was written by our good friend, Dr. Ted Hansen. This world premiere was performed at the Conservatory of Music in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2007.

Members of Triforia Winds are Jocelyn Goranson (flute), Mary Alice Druhan (clarinet), and Todd Goranson (bassoon and saxophone).

Triforia Winds was used for many years as an outreach ensemble for The Dallas Winds for live radio broadcasts and other events around the DFW metroplex.

Color of Sound Chamber Series

Mary has performed with the Color of Sound chamber series, now known as Mount Vernon Music, for 20 years and has had the joy of presenting many of the clarinet’s most significant repertoire both on the TAMUC campus and all around the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Some of the hallmark works performed by the ensemble include the Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time, the Bartok Contrasts, the Brahms Quintet and the Mozart Trio along with works of a more diverse and under-represented pool of composers.

Organized by Mark and Ute Miller, these concerts are a wonderful outreach to audiences of all ages.